To any and all who may have had an affair in the past on your wife,husband,what-ever.I had one years ago with a woman I worked with.It was nice although like most I am sure it ended.She once gave me the classic line,”our relationship is based on sex”……to which I thought hard about and said,”ah..yeah”,but nice in other senses as well.The suspense,the mystery and yes the sex is exciting like you just DON’T get at home.It was adventure some as well.Hell,we had sex one time in an elevator in a hotel between the 7th and 8th floors.I had paused the elevator and I could imagine people above and below us on other floors pushing the buttons frantically to no avail.When I did eventually owered the elevator back to the ground floor we stopped,the doors opened and their was a lone man,and 2 women standing there.The way their eyes met ours and how my partner ort of sulked out of the elevator I am sure was a dead give-a-way.In fact the one woman standing there looked me directly in the eye,sort of made a little smirk with the corner of her mouth and I could just imagine her thinking,we know you had sex in there….and possibly even wanting to blurt out,”and you don’t per chance remember which buttons you touched off hand do you”??



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