Read yesterday on the news where the Clintons held a lavish bash and dinner for all their former contributors.Also Al Gore showed up at Trump towers to meet with Trump supposedly about climate change?This absolutely kills me…and the Democrats CAN’T figure out WHY they lost so badly this last election?Al Gore leaves his 20 room mansion on his private plane and chaffeured car to meet with Trump about Global Warming?Not one of these people can relate to the average man or woman who has to get up every day,rain or shine whether you feel good or not and go to a shitey job because you have to earn a living to feed your family.The Clintons,Gore are people who for all practical reasons have NEVER actually worked a god damn day in thier lives….they have NO idea how out of touch they are with the average working person in this country………..1017227_1_1206-gore-trump_standard.jpg


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