Difference of opinion:

Yesterday on the way home the wife insists on stopping at store when I just wanted to get home.It was 95′,no air and the humidity was 100% and I was hot,tired and irritable to say the least.Anyway wife gets what she wants and we are pulling out of parking lot and there is a couple standing looking in a car’s windows for they apparently locked their keys in the car?The wife comments,”ah,that’s a shame” to which I reply,”hey,we stopped giving out awards for stupidity years ago,fuck ’em”.he then says,”can’t you be a little more compassionate”? to which I say,”hey,call the Pope,he gets paid to give a shit”,I don’t” when wife says “why are you like that”?I go on and tell her,”look,when I was born this Doctor whom I didn’t even know turns me upside down,smacks my ass so hard till I cry for no reason”.”Now,I never did a god damn thing to this son-of-a-bitch but he hits me anyway,and ya know,I’ve been pretty much fucking pissed off ever since”!


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