Mega Lottery

Well,as of today the Mega Lottery is estimated to be approximately in the area of what…$540 million or something?I love when they interview average people on tv with things like,”what would you do if you won that amount of money”…and they answer with stupid responses like,”I’d want to help feed all the starving kids in India’…or even more noble answers such as,”Oh,I’d go to work like usual and put up with my bitch bosses abusive manner”!…Give me a fucking break people.I’ll tell you what I would do if I win $540 million dollars.I probably wouldn’t even tell anyone but would do my hardest to run the batteries down on all the relatives cell phones by sending selfies of myself drinking Margaritas served by some hot blonde in a string bikini while laying on the beach in fucking Aruba some god damn place! Starving kids in India THIS MF’er…


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