I have never rode nor care to start riding motorcycles but have a neighbor who has several friends who do are over there a lot.Since I never have participated I don’t know but have noticed before and there-fore have to ask,is there some unwritten code with them that states you don’t even have to LIKE riding motorcycles as long as you enjoy sitting and revving them all while making a shitload of noise and annoying everyone with-in a 2 mile radius causing normal people to then HATE every asshole that does ride one? Just curious? Personally I hope one of them swerves to avoid a chipmunk crosses the highway,loses control and takes out a telephone pole hence causing it to collapse and the power lines falling and getting entangled around them and sending 30,000 volts of electricity thru them and the fucking bike!And all while the chipmunk makes it safely across the highway and back to his family……lol


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