eat your veggies

As a little kid I had a step mom which I didn’t really care for,but then again,does ANYONE ever really like their step mom?Well of course she cooked and one of the common things you heard in that era was something to the effect of,”eat your vegetables,there are starving kids in Africa”.I heard this so many times and you had no idea how just once I would have loved to respond,”you know,first of all,I’m 8 yrs old lady.I don’t give a shit about the starving kids in Africa and secondly if you are SO worried about them why don’t you take a part time job as a waitress at Denny’s and use all your tips to help bring them over here,place them in the inner cities and in a few years they’ll probably just start killing one another over crack or something anyway and you can solve the over population problem in Africa as well”? Hell,maybe we’ll even nominate your wicked ass for the fucking Nobel Peace prize or something you stupid cunt”!….but of course,I never did,so now I finally get it off my chest!


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