Awoke with dog and was suppose to be raining and hard so they said.They also claimed for it to rain most of the day yesterday and it in fact didn’t.Now I have read where some experts estimate meteorologists are wrong as much as 51% of the time?My god,that’s 1/2 the time.You could literally flip a coin and see if it’s going to rain or not and be right that much of the time for christ sakes.Wouldn’t you think that these weather people would feel guilty about collecting their pay checks?I would be like,”sir,I can’t except that.After-all,I only performed my job to satisfaction 1/2 the time this week”.And if this is the case why do we even have weather people?I understand the weather isn’t an exact science but shit if you don’t know what it is going to be why pay someone to stand up and there and PRETEND he does fucking know when he doesn’t?


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